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Reef Cubes® - The Building Blocks Of The Ocean

Reef Cubes® are an award winning, patented innovation, developed and owned by ARC Marine. Their resilient and deceptively simple interlocking design makes them perfect for creating and restoring complex marine habitats whilst serving a dual purpose protecting subsea assets such as monopiles, cables, foundations and pipelines.

Ecological Benefits of Reef Cubes®

ARC Marine Habitat complexity for multiple species

Habitat complexity for multiple species


Food and shelter for marine flora and fauna

ARC Marine Nursing or Spawning grounds for aquatic species

Nursing / spawning grounds for aquatic species

ARC Marine Boosting Commercial Fish Stocks

Boosting commercial fish stocks

ARC Marine Reef Cubes co2 icon

Sequestration of Carbon

ARC Marine Increased Biodiversity Symbol

Increased Biodiversity

ARC Marine Species preservation 2

Species Preservation


Improved Water Quality

ARC Marine Stimulates biogenic reef production

Stimulates Biogenic reef creation

ARC Marine Reef Cubes plastic-bag icon

Zero Plastic

ARC Marine Electron Microscopy Pic Surface texture
Juvenile Kelp on Reef Cubes: Image taken from Plymouth Microscopy Centre

Surface texture – advanced casting techniques that create surface textures that replicate natural reef features and niches which in turn enhance biological recruitment

Concrete Matrixes

Reef Cubes® have been scientifically engineered and are manufactured from a marine friendly material which is the perfect substrate for marine flora and fauna to adhere to.  We use a new group of Portland replacement cements which are low-carbon and use 100% recycled sand and aggregate.

What makes our Reef Cubes® special?

less CO2 emissions

Reducing carbon emissions by 70% compared to the processes necessary to form Portland cement (CEMI)

Our aggregate and sand is 100% recycled material, a by-product sourced from the quarrying industry. All our materials are checked for impurities before manufacture to maintain the highest construction standards.

At least
less environmental impact

60% less impact on the environment due to the extraction of raw materials. Reef Cubes® enhances the biological sequestration of Carbon into the ocean.

The process used to form Reef Cubes expend less energy than traditional methods of concrete production, without compromising the durability needed in the marine environment.

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