Our mission is to enhance the way we interact with the marine environment to benefit people and the planet. We understand that as a species we need to grow and take up more space which means utilising the ocean for its resources.

Whether it’s constructing offshore renewable energy sites, expanding on current oil and gas projects or maximising the efficiency of aquaculture farms, we aim to make your impact on the ecosystem as minimal as possible. In fact, we want to give back more than we displace so the blue economy will keep on giving for generations to come!

For us, our work is our passion. As a group of young professionals we dedicate our lives to creating the world’s largest, most comprehensive accelerated natural reef growth network throughout the world.
The building blocks to saving our oceans

In an effort to restore the tragic state the human race has left our oceans, we decided to knuckle down and dedicate a huge amount of our time and research in coming up with a new and innovative solution, in an effort to rectify some of these ever-growing issues.

The result is Reef Cubes®.

Reef Cubes® are hollow and stackable made entirely out of an eco-friendly concrete mixture with the addition of sustainable reinforcement to ensure they last indefinitely with a positive effect to the oceans. A dovetail keying system was later added to the Reef Cubes® in an effort to make them almost ‘Lego-like’, creating infinite possibilities by stacking formations and creating a dense, complex marine ecosystems which can be tailored for specific species.

Available in 1m3, 0.5m3 and 0.25m3, they are perfect for various applications including scour and cable protection around offshore wind turbines, pipeline and oil rig protection, coastal defence, eco- tourism, anti-trawling deterrents for MPA’s/MCZ’s and establishing underwater reef systems where natural reef has been destroyed.

Our patented moulding system can be shipped anywhere around the world, allowing us to manufacture close to deployment which not only saves on transport costs and CO2 emissions but integrates a local supply chain to provide raw materials.

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"Based on the South West Coast of England, ARC Marine design and construct eco-engineered marine habitats. As Eco-engineering specialists, they have a dedicated marine science department, innovative product designers and are a Registered commercial diving contractor.”

Latest News

ARC Marine Maritime UK Start Up of the Year Awards

Press Release:

ARC Marine has been named as one of the best in the UK’s £40bn maritime sector after being shortlisted in the first ever Maritime UK Awards. ARC Marine has been shortlisted in the Start-Up of The Year Category after impressing industry judges. ARC Marine is an eco-engineering company whose main purpose is to accelerate reef…

ARC Marine Tank Tuesdays 6 Spider Crab

Tank Tuesdays 6

Common Spider Crab (Maja brachydactyla) Today’s article puts the spotlight on the European spider crab Maja brachydactyla. Our resident spider crab moulted recently so we thought it would be interesting to have a look at this process. We also wanted to describe a little about its status as a fishery species around the UK, even…

Marine-i ARC Marine Reef Cubes Ocean Conservation COAST Lab 1

Funding Boost For Marine Eco-Engineering Company

ARC Marine has received a Rapid Innovation Grant from Marine-i to help it move to the next stage of its project to develop a system for building accelerated natural reef growth structures. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i is designed to help the marine tech sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly…

ARC Marine Tank Tuesdays 5 king scallop

Tank Tuesdays 5

King Scallop (Pecten maximus) The king scallop (Pecten maximus) is a common species found frequently around the United Kingdom and Ireland (as well as in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean) and is of great commercial importance to the fishing industry. P.maximus is a bivalve mollusc meaning it is made up of two valves with its organs contained…

ARC Marine Tank Tuesdays 4 tompot blenny

Tank Tuesdays 4

Tompot Blenny (Parablennius gattorugine) Today’s article is dedicated to a long-time member of the ARC Marine family, our  Tompot blenny (Parablennius gattorugine), who we recently had to say goodbye to. During his time here, he gained a reputation of being a bit of a bully as he has shown to be aggressive to a few of his…


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