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The Team

"The ARC Marine team is the key to driving our success forward, and why we are all here today."

Our team has a huge range of skills and we are made up of commercial divers, fisherman, scientists, engineers and business personnel.  We don't just talk about it; we are actively engaging in making as big a difference to the future of our planet - even having to take matters to parliament if we feel something is drastically wrong with the way things are currently handled.

If we are really going to make a change, it's absolutely crucial that our team is composed of strong, like-minded, driven people.


Tom Birbeck

Director & Founder

Tom studied Business and Marketing at Bristol UWE and then worked freelance as a film researcher in London. After extensive research into accelerated natural reef growth systems, Tom met up with James Doddrell from an online news article and they created ARC Marine with the long-term vision of developing sustainable solutions to manage and prevent the destruction of natural rocky reef habitats.


James Doddrell

Director & Founder

In 2011, James ran a company with charitable status called ‘Wreck the World’. James rallied support for the project along with raising £6.5m in funding to purchase the air craft carrier “HMS Ark Royal” as she came up for decommission and tender.  From this experience James wanted to find an alternative  commercial solution to building marine habitats. James was the technical lead on the Reef Cubes® invention and wants to change the way humans interact and develop within the marine environment.

Julian pic

Julian Chenoweth

Manufacturing & Logistics

Julian has an extremely varied business portfolio and business experiences over many years. He started his working career as a Royal Marine Commando which set him up to face the challenges of life and business. Julian has started and grown several companies from startup to multi-million pound business's and has learnt a huge amount about business on all levels. His main expertise are in logistics, manufacturing, transport, plant & machinery and waste management.


James Murphy BSC (Hons)

Marine Scientist

James studied Environmental Science and specialised in Marine Conservation at the University of Plymouth, gaining his Bachelor of Science (BSc) with Honours.After finishing university, he travelled through South East Asia and worked for two years in Cambodia on a seahorse conservation project.James is now Director of Marine Science at ARC Marine and handles all of our survey and monitoring programs.  James’s role also involves applying to relevant government bodies such as the MMO, Natural England and IFCA for appropriate licenses.


Sam Hickling MSc (Hons)


Sam is a graduate scientist that has a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Oceanography; from the University of Southampton and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Zoology from the University of Reading. His work at the University of Southampton was focused toward marine ecology and he completed an independent project on the effect of fishing and marine protected areas on Australian cephalopods.Sam currently advises on the conduct of marine research projects at ARC Marine and collates our data to understand and improve how our novel structures will develop in natural marine environments.


We are always looking for like-minded people to join our cause, please contact us with your CV if you would like to join the revolution!

Please note: the ability to dive (or learn to dive) is essential!

Through Dedication

And Innovation