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Nature Inclusive Design

Man Made Solutions To Man Made Problems
Every project impacting the marine environment now has the potential to work with nature by physically enhancing and restoring the capacity of the ocean to what it once was. Embracing the simple concept of using Reef Cubes® technology to create reef ecosystems that in a very short time, will become a resilient incubator for marine fauna and flora.

Reef Cubes® provide a real opportunity for eco-responsible companies and individuals to genuinely enhance the marine environment in a sustainable way to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Nature inclusive designs to lower life cycle costs and maximise positive marine impact from offshore construction projects

ARC Marine are disrupting the offshore construction industries with their award-winning patented product Reef Cubes®, by accelerating reef creation through its nature inclusive design. Currently, man-made protective structures in oil & gas and offshore wind sites can cause benthic damage and plastic pollution. Specialising in design, manufacturing and monitoring of low carbon and plastic free reef structures, ARC Marine’s innovative technology allows every project to leave a positive marine legacy whilst meeting in full asset protection performance standards. If that is not of enough of a driver for change given the UN driven focus on SDG-14 Life under water, our eco-friendly structures are intended to be deployed forever, saving decommissioning cost liability and reducing volumes to landfill.

ARC Marine team enhance aquaculture site in Torbay, UK by deploying 100 Reef Cubes®

On the 1st April 2020, the ARC Marine team deployed 100 Reef Cubes® ranging in size from 15cm- 1m to enhance an aquaculture site in Torbay, UK.  The project was funded by the British Government was to increase the commercial species in the area and repair lost reef ecosystem destroyed by damaging fishing practices.

Project REFAS (Reef Enhancement for Fisheries & Aquaculture Sites) was funded by the UK Government through the  Sea Food Innovation Fund.  This 3-month feasibility will pave the way for a larger R&D project commencing in late summer 2020.


The building blocks to
saving our oceans

Our Reef Cubes® are made entirely out of an eco-friendly concrete mixture with added sustainable reinforcement to ensure they last and leave a positive impact on our oceans. Being hollow and stackable with a dovetail keying system, Reef Cubes® are often described as ‘Lego-like’ - creating infinite possibilities through stacking formations and result in dense, complex marine ecosystems which can be tailored for specific species.

Available in 1m3, 0.5m3 and 0.25m3, they are perfectly suited to a huge variety of applications like scour and cable protection around offshore wind turbines, pipeline and oil rig protection, coastal defence, eco- tourism, anti-trawling deterrents for MPA’s/MCZ’s and establishing underwater reef systems where natural reef has been destroyed.

What's more, our patented moulding system can be shipped worldwide, allowing us to manufacture close to deployment which not only saves on transport costs and CO2 emissions but integrates a local supply chain to provide raw materials.


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