As a young company, our passion is in wanting humans to interact with the marine world differently. We understand that as a species we need to grow and take up more space, but we aim to make our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. In fact, we want to give back more than we take out, this way the blue economy will keep on giving for generations to come!

For us, our work is our passion. As a group of professionals, we dedicate ourselves to the task given to us and provide a level of service which is unmatched. For that reason, we focus on what we enjoy doing and will not take part in projects which do not treat the marine environment with the utmost respect.
The building blocks to saving our oceans

In an effort to restore the tragic state the human race has left our oceans in, we decided to knuckle down and dedicate a huge amount of our time and research in coming up with an new and innovative solution, in an effort to rectify some of these ever-growing issues. The result, Reef Cubes.

Reef Cubes are hollow, stackable, adaptable and made almost entirely of concrete with the addition of some sustainable bonding ingredients to ensure they last indefinitely with minimal affect to the oceans. A keying system was later added to the Reef Cubes in an effort to make them almost ‘lego-like’, creating infinite possibilities for stacking formations and sea-life tunnels. Available in both 1m3 and 0.5m3, they are perfect for various applications including offshore wind turbines, trawler protection, coastal defence, diving sites and establishing underwater reef systems.

Thanks to our bespoke shippable moulding system, we are able to ship these products globally. This allows the end user to cast Reef Cubes in the moulds upon delivery and create as much habitat as required for the desired application.


"Based on the South West Coast of England, ARC Marine construct and design eco-engineered marine habitats. As marine engineering specialists, we have a dedicated marine science department, innovative product designers and a HSE commercial dive team.”

Latest News

ARC Marine crayfish-UK-sustainable-ARK Sites-Concrete-Society-Vobster-Quay

Reef cubes – the building blocks for saving the ocean

                          Tom Birbeck and James Doddrell of ARC Marine discuss the importance of marine conservation and how artificial reef construction using concrete could repair and restore marine habitats. In the modern world we now know the importance of conserving our marine environment and…

ARC Marine Vobster Quay Reef Reef Cubes Crayfish survey

Crayfish Reef at Vobster Quay! Created and Deployed by ARC Marine

In the UK there is only one species of native crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes or more commonly known as the White Clawed Crayfish. This species is listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as endangered as over the last 10 years it has had a reduction between 50%-80% across their range…

Marine-i ARC Marine Reef Cubes Ocean Conservation COAST Lab 1

ARC Marine: A Case Study by Marine-i

ARC Marine In 2015, James Doddrell and Tom Birbeck set up ARC Marine, – the first eco-engineering company in the UK specialising in artificial reefs. Breaking the Mould Tom says: “The only other companies operating in this field in the UK were using old technology and standard concrete. We wanted to create an innovative flexible…

COAST lab Plymouth ARC Marine Testing

ARC Marine at Plymouth COAST laboratory

In May 2018 ARC Marine took the opportunity to undertake physical modelling at Plymouth University’s COAST laboratory. ARC Marine had a three week testing phase to use the 20 metre current and wave flume. These tests were run and supervised by Dr Carlos Perez-Collazo, an experienced research fellow at Plymouth University. ARC Marine took this opportunity…


ARC Marine featured by Virgin Unite

It’s been a busy couple of months for ARC Marine! If you follow us on Facebook or have been keeping up to date with our blog, you will know that at the end of November we were annouced as Virgin Start Up of the Week, and even more recently we met with our Virgin Start Up member Adrian Langford to…


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