Marine Services

As a young company, ARC Marine want humans to interact with the marine world differently.

We understand that as a species we need to grow and take up more space, but we owe it to our planet to make our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. In fact, we want to give back more than we take out so our blue economy keeps on giving for generations to come!

For us, this is our passion. We founded ARC Marine to dedicate ourselves to bettering the state of our planet and providing an unmatched level of service. For this reason, we focus on what we morally believe in and refuse to take part in projects which do not treat the marine environment with the utmost respect.

Artificial Reef Installation

Baseline site surveys

Construction of eco engineered habitat units

Design of marine habitats

Survey and assessment of reef installation for many years.

EIA on proposed reef location

Deployment of artificial reefs

Offshore Renewable energy

Scour prevention

Habitat mitigation

Subsea cable protection

Monitoring and subsea ROV & Diver Inspections



Net and mooring installations

Net cleaning

Subsea videography surveys

Harvesting & Landing stock

Mortalities and predator removal

Net inspections & Repairs

Mooring point inspection and replacement

Restocking & Spat Deployment


Scientific surveys including DNA analysis from samples collected from benthos and water column

Hull inspections, cleaning and anode replacement

Search and recovery of lost equipment

Salvage & removal of wrecks

Emergency call out for propeller freeing and survey of subsea damage

Harbour & Marina pontoon + Mooring inspection and repairs

Subsea and above sea safety team for media diving projects

Man made solutions to a man made problem

We owe it to our planet