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Oil & Gas

Where is the industry heading?

The offshore oil and gas industry has helped fuel the growth of many global economies for the last 100 years but this growth has come at a price in terms of its contribution to climate change and impact on the environment.  In 2020, the focus is rightly shifting to low carbon alternatives but during the transition, we must try to minimise the impact of further oil and gas developments and the massive decommissioning programme planned.  At ARC Marine we believe the time is right to challenge the lack of nature inclusive design in existing subsea protection methods and have engineered eco-friendly Reef Cubes® to provide an alternative product.

We cannot easily solve the problem of the many thousand subsea mattresses, frond matts and rocks bags deployed that contribute to microplastics in the oceans but please, no more.  Where possible, clean plastic-free materials should be recycled into Reef Cubes® rather than sent to landfill.

The industry should work with us to switch to Reef Cubes® and from 2020 only deploy low CO2 concrete solutions that actually augment the environment by providing sustainable habitat that leaves a positive lasting marine legacy for generations to come.    In collaboration via OGTC, we can minimise the decommissioning liability of new subsea infrastructure and help create new safe havens for marine life to flourish.  This helps improve our client’s bottom line and delivers sustainable impact to those that care about SDG-14 “Life under water”, do you?

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