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Offshore Renewable Energy

Scour Prevention & remediation

ARC Marine has been through extensive testing of Reef Cube® formations utilising state of the art facilities at the University of Plymouth’s COAST Laboratory. They undertook comprehensive testing for scour and sediment stabilisation of offshore mono-pile foundations in real world scenarios.

Reef Cubes® were found to disrupt the incoming waves and currents because its shape lowers the force impact by its permeability while also trapping sediment, stabilising the foundations and the formation.

Low operation costs

Standard UK scour & cable protection costs approximately £12 million per 1GW wind farm.

Eliminates Decommissioning costs

Decommissioning of standard protection is estimated to cost £26 million per 1GW wind farm.

Subsea Cabling

Subsea cables are crucial to offshore infrastructure. They require a great deal of protection and resources to ensure they are safe from hydrodynamic processes, anchoring and commercial fishing gear. Reef Cubes® trap sediment, stabilising scour whilst protecting it from damages and enabling heat to escape. They allow for water flow around the cable preventing overheating and damage that can be caused when insulating cables by burial. This makes inspections and repairs easier to locate whilst lowering costs.

Monitoring & Biologial Services

As part of their licence requirements, offshore renewable energy developments are required to do regular biological assessments throughout the duration of the project to ensure any adverse effects on the area are as minimal as possible.

Long/short term monitoring of new and existing offshore renewable energy sites

Habitat Mitigation

Mitigation of the expected effects of a project is essential in order to gain permissions and licences to develop new areas. Developers are required to predict what effects they will have on the environment and marine life in the pre-deployment, construction and operational phases of the development. Construction of offshore wind farm can be noisy and destructive. Reef Cubes® help to replace any hard substrate that has been last whilst also providing new habitat for marine flora and fauna to thrive.

Species relocation and transplantation

Habitat regeneration

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