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Innovative Research & Development

Marine Concrete Matrices

ARC Marine continues to develop new and innovative marine friendly concrete mixes with a vision to completely remove the use of Portland Cement in our structures. Portland Cement has an incredibly high Carbon footprint and ARC Marine is striving to reduce their footprint wherever possible. By utilising cutting edge technologies we have been able to reduce our carbon emissions in the manufacturing of the Reef Cubes® by up to 70% compared with the use of Portland cement (CEMI).

ARC Marine Electron Microscope Plymouth University
Electron Microscopy image of the surface texture of the Reef Cubes®

Invasive Species Control & Management

As globalisation has increased with the transport of people, products and services around the planet, so has the spread of non-native species. This is where species that are not native to the geographical area, find themselves in a new habitat with unfamiliar prey and predators.


For most species this is non beneficial as their new environment may lack certain environmental conditions required to feed, hide, mate and reproduce. However, in other cases the species can benefit from its new environment as prey species would not have evolved a way of going undetected and/or predator species would not have evolved a way to catch the new species. In this instance the non-native species can proliferate uncontrollably and decimate native species within the new environment.


This is evident when looking at the UK's only native crayfish species, the White Clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) which has seen a decrease in its geographical range since the late 1970's due to the larger, more aggressive American Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) (See Vobster Quay Project blog for more information on this project).

ARC Marine Crayfish Trap invasive species control and management edited
ARC Marine's crayfish trapping of invasive species for control and management

Pioneering Biological Surveys

ARC Marine continues to work with their partners to develop pioneering techniques that allows for the most efficient and methodical testing methods to be utilised whilst gaining accurate and reliable data-sets.

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