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Eco-engineering Services

Baseline Surveys & Biological Monitoring

Baseline surveys provide an image of how an area is being utilised prior to any works commencing. It measures key indicators before a project begins against which change and progress can be assessed. Completing a baseline assessment within the planning phase is essential to provide a better understanding of how the project will affect that area, whilst providing comparative data for the before and after states of any works.

Biological monitoring is a way of assessing the exiting number of toxic compounds in the environment, by measuring the chemical composition in a biological specimen. This can determine the effects of both biotic and abiotic factors and highlights any changes affecting the ecosystem.

Sediment & Water Sampling

Comprehensive sampling strategies can be used to track the development of various marine and freshwater environments.

Biotic sampling

Collection of organic matter ensures a thorough biological understanding of your desired area.

eDNA analysis

ARC Marine are experienced in collecting eDNA samples to achieve reliable and precise data-sets.

Biodiversity assessments

Ensures a comprehensive biological understanding of the species present in a specific area.

Chemical analysis of water and sediment samples

The ability to detect trace metals and toxins in subsea environments.

Subsea video sampling (BRUV, TUV, ROV)

Using cutting edge technologies ARC Marine monitor natural and artificial marine ecosystems.

Design and Construction

ARC Marine are at the forefront of marine design and construction. An innovative approach is key in their designs for sustainability, the environment and customer in mind, creating multiple benefits to enhance and protect marine infrastructure and assets.

Project Specific
Reef Design

Custom reef concepts can be created with CAD to meet subsea requirements.

Proof of Concept

With 3D printing capabilities ARC Marine can create scale models and prototypes for testing purposes.

Living marine structures: breakwaters & coastal defences

Creating the next generation of marine infrastructure with ecological design and functionality at its core.

Manufacturing Facility

Large scale manufacturing facility with innovative concrete mixes with the capacity to export worldwide.

Deployment of accelerated natural reef growth structures

ARC Marine specialises in the deployment of eco-structures.  An experienced team consisting of marine personnel and HSE dive contractors, ensures all work is completed to the highest standard and efficiency without compromising safety.

Government Licensing and consent service

Experienced in liaising with statutory consultees to obtain permission and licences 


Management of construction, transport, deployment and monitoring.

Optimisation of marine infrastructure

Reef Cubes® versatility is so diverse in its application it can be used for optimising most currently used marine infrastructure.

This includes:

Anti-Trawl Barriers

Strategic placement of Reef Cube® formations can protect habitats by acting as a barrier to prevent damaging fishing practices.

Bespoke Habitat Fascias

Reef Cubes® can be added to existing moorings, boosting weight and stability whilst creating complex habitat space for marine organisms.

Coastal Protection & Land Reclamation

Reef Cubes® can protect vulnerable coast lines from the power of the ocean.

Please contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.