Aquaculture & Sustainable Fisheries

ARC Marines' team is fully qualified for all aquaculture activities above and below the water. Specialising in commercial diving services they also provide a professional team of skippers, deckhands and aquaculture technicians to suit their clients requirements.

ARC Marine is fully insured to complete all marine works stated.

Aquaculture Services

ARC Marine scallop farm lantern clearance dive+ processed
Scallop farm lantern being cleaned by divers

Sustainable Fisheries

ARC Marine is the only registered diver caught shellfish dispatch centre within Torbay. They pride themselves on sustainably harvesting shellfish without destroying the environment to do so.

Hand dived shellfish

Subsidised trapping of invasive species

"1 tonne of lost fishing gear enters the ocean every minute. This can take up to 600 years to break down while continuing to catch marine life for the entirity of its life" (Blue Marine Foundation)

Please contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.