HSE Professional Scuba CDT

What can I say about my HSE Professional Scuba course with Commercial Diver Training (CDT)?

WOW what an experience! All the expectations I had for the course were blown away.

The CDT team were without a doubt the most knowledgeable and experienced dive school I have ever seen. From the moment we arrived in Fowey and took the tender boat to Loyal Watcher where we would be staying, to finishing my exams 4 weeks later I was impressed.

Living and working on their boat was such pleasure, providing us with firsthand experience to what we would have to expect from commercial diving work in the real world.
From daily chores and duties for keeping the boat ship shape and learning the ropes on deck, we were nonstop from 7am till 10pm Monday to Friday.

Our dive supervisor was amazing! Mr Graham Weston, former naval officer, submariner and Plymouth university diving instructor. Graham’s skill and knowledge blew me away, how he oversees and keeps track of 8 new trainee divers was awe-inspiring to witness, friendly and funny but serious about all aspects of our diving tuition, I feel we got the best in the business.

We learned all aspects of commercial scuba practicing our newly learned skills with a multitude of different equipment and masks. Including Pegasus, AGA divator neutral and positive pressure masks, Kirby Morgan EXO’s and band masks we tried them all. Then came hard line and through water comms, compass navigation, search and recovery we experienced it all and more.

From sea bed and wreck surveys to tying 13 different knots 12m down on a night dive. We were either heading out to sea on their top of the range RIB or giant striding off of the surface supply vessel “Hambledon” it was truly an experience of a lifetime.

It was comfortable living with ample food catering for everyone’s tastes; I had never eaten so much food in all my life.

I cherish my experience learning with CDT and would highly recommend anyone wishing to become a professional diver to train with them, highly skilled, highly experienced dedicated diving instructors.

James Doddrell.