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ARC Marine meeting at Parliament

It’s been a very busy month at Arc Marine. Two weeks ago Virgin Start up pledged their commitment, and now we have gained support from Torbay’s Conservative MP, Kevin Foster.

Since we confirmed Torquay’s artificial reef will be going ahead later this year, we were summoned to the House of Commons to meet with Mr. Foster and discuss our plans. Kevin was equally passionate to hear details of the project and the benefits it could bring to Torquay. Not only the environmental boost it will give to our coastline and fishing industry, but also the potential avenue for eco-tourism.

Arc Marine aims to study the economic impact divers could bring to Torbay when they visit the artificial reef. Diver related tourism is growing around the world and the Plymouth wreck “HMS Scylla” generates an estimated £5 million a year to the local economy from divers staying in hotels, visiting local restaurants and shopping etc.

This demonstrates further, the intrinsic need for a national program to regenerate the damaged rocky reefs surrounding our coastline. After discussing the EU directive and relevant government legislation with Mr. Foster, it was clear that such a contract might be available in the future. Arc Marine will prove we can deliver the current artificial reef on budget, on schedule and without any negative effects, with the added possibility of gaining substantial grant funding from relevant government bodies.

We thank Kevin for his support, and look forward to the completion of Torbay’s reef project.


Tom Birbeck