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Who are we?

ARC Marine was founded in the world-famous fishing town of Brixham on the South Coast of England in 2015 from the determination of concerned divers who wanted to repair our fragile and damaged marine ecosystems on an unprecedented scale. We wanted to accelerate reef creation globally and realised that existing artificial reef materials were not optimised or sustainable.

Since 2015 we have grown into an award-winning reef creation company who started out by securing a Virgin StartUp loan and became Ambassadors for the brand. Most recently we successfully raised £500k in Seed investment and have been part of the prestigious Katapult Ocean VC accelerator in Oslo, Norway. In 2020, we have already been nominated as 1 of 3 finalists in the prestigious Offshore Achievement Awards for HSE Initiative, adding to the growing evidence that our technologies are being taken very seriously by major blue-chip companies looking to change their ocean footprint and leave a positive marine legacy.

ARC Marine's Core Values

We care about the oceans and making a profit so that we can grow and have a massive global influence changing forever how projects impact marine habitat.  Our values are not negotiable and define who we are, what we do and how we do it.  We seek collaboration from like-minded organisations who do the right thing under the water, even when no-one is looking.  That is our ethical compass for impact.    


E .

Designing for nature first, mankind second


P .

Game changing innovative technologies and applications


I .

Encouraging all ocean stakeholders to think sustainability and collaborate


C .

Conserving marine biodiversity whilst having fun


S .

Informed decision making based on research


H .

Practical delivery focused solutions that add value


O .

Passionate about making a positive difference, forever


R .

Professionals who always under promise and over deliver


E .

We always believe in doing the right thing (even underwater when no one is looking)